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ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability LEAP
European Commission International Green Purchasing Network
City of Barcelona
Diputacio de Barcelona
Generalitat de Catalunya
Government Office of Spain

Plenary 2 - The Power of Procurement

Plenary 3 - Strategies and Tools for Taking Action

Plenary 4 - Moving the Market

Plenary 5 - Spreading the Movement

S1 - City of Göteborg, Sweden

S2 - City of Sendai, Japan and the GPN

S3 - State of Vorarlberg, Austria

S4 - City of Santa Monica, USA

S5 - Mun. of Amaroussion, Greece & the Eastern Shires Purchasing Org., UK

TS - Training session "Opportunities for sustainable procurement within the EU legal framework"

A3 - Climate protection

A5 - Local issues

B4 - ‘Clean’ clothes

B6 - Regional cooperation

C1 - Sustainable joint procurement

C2 - Developing and less developed countries

C3 - Mainstreaming sustainable procurement

C4 - Case study on Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

D3 - Working in partnership with ICT product suppliers

D4 - Japanese business service industries

E2 - Mainstreaming sustainable procurement in Europe

E3 - Japanese and Korean business manufacturing industries