EcoProcura Copenhagen 99

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1-3 June 1999

EcoProcura Copenhagen took place alongside the Copenhagen Waste and Water 99 (CWW 99) fair. Participants included representatives from consulting engineering firms, managers and operative staff from waste treatment plants and environmental facilitites, researchers, decision-makers from municipal authorities as well as representatives from (municipal) associations, national governments and international organisations.

The event explored issues such as the development of ecological products and services for specific sectors such as municipal fleets or public canteens, environmental criteria in tendering procedures and product criteria, as well as documentation systems and networking.

The conference was part of the City of Copenhagen’s promotion “Copenhagen - Environmental Capital of Europe" and was organised by the Institute for Water Environment (VKI), the National Information Center on Waste Management (Rendan A/S) and ICLEI.

Please click here to download the Conference Report.