EcoProcura Lyon 2000

Lyon, France, 17/18 October 2000


Greening the Government
An approach launched by the French Ministry of the Environment in 1995

Green Purchasing
Buying while taking into account the environmental impact of products

Dominique Voynet, French Minister of the Environment, opened the first day of debates by explaining the initiatives of the French government to integrate environmental considerations in all governmental activities.
The topics addressed on the first day included national, international, European and business perspectives, environmental management systems for greening local authorities, strategic environmental assessment and mobilisation of the civil society.

With a focus on Green Purchasing, the second day focused on how to encourage and assist local authorities to take action. Topics that  presented and discussed included definitions and implementation of green purchasing, in general, as well as in the product areas of office materials, furniture and construction materials; the legal framework; and the exchange of experience with European colleagues.

The conference concluded with the presentation of the Lyon Declaration - Enhancing the framework, enforcing the action for greening government operations


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