Greening of the event

Organised events that bring many people together can often be a valuable opportunity for awareness-raising, learning and creating a new culture of caring for natural, social and financial resources. However, these same events pose significant problems for local natural resources, (e.g. energy, water), environment (e.g. caused by emissions, waste, soil degradation) and the community.


Sustainable Internet Café

Computers were available free of charge in the Sustainable Internet Café at MalmöMässan.

These reused and recycled sustainable computers were generously provided by Inrego and TCO Development, two companies dedicated to providing secure, optimised and environmentally advantageous IT products.

Inrego, in particular, specialises in reconditioning and extending the life of IT products. Increasing the reuse of computers reduces the need for energy-intensive new construction, while the amount of waste can be kept down.


Reduce your carbon emissions and offset the unavoidable emissions

By far the largest environmental impact of international conferences is related to greenhouse gas emissions resulting from air travel. EcoProcura 2012 tried to reduce this impact where possible by encouraging the use of trains and promoting air travel in economy class. We strongly encourage every participant to offset his or her carbon emissions related to participation in the Conference. 

Offset your carbon footprint with one of the following platforms:

  • Respect: With more than ten years of experience in the business, this Swedish platform has developed a leading concept for business's climate work. 

  • Atmosfair: Founded in 2005, it is a joint initiative between "forum anders reisen", an association of German travel agencies, and Germanwatch.

  • Climate Friendly: This Australian platform supports a reduce-and-offset approach to carbon management, and complies with the ICROA Code of Best Practice.


Nordic Ecolabel

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official Ecolabel in the Nordic region and a leading Ecolabel in the world. Hotels with this label, guarantee that the highest standards regarding environmental, health, functionality and quality requirements are met. These standards are helping hotels reduce their environmental impact, from reducing energy and water usage to minimising the use of chemical products and recycling refuse. Learn more about the Nordic Ecolabel.


Malmö acknowledged as "Excellent Green Purchaser"

The Central Purchasing Unit at the City of Malmö's Service Administration received the 2012 Swedish Environmental Management Council's (SEMCo) purchasing award for its efforts to include compelling environmental and social requirements in its procurements. The prize was awarded by the Swedish Minister for Enterprise, Annie Lööf, at the Green Procurement Conference 2012, held in Stockholm.

Each year, SEMCo awards the "Excellent Green Purchaser" prize. The aim of this award is to recognise purchasers that are working committed and innovatively to build environmentally and socially responsible procurement.

Ms Lööf presented the award in front of more than 220 conference delegates. The event gathered politicians, speakers and conference delegates who discussed the innovative and transformative potential of purchasing towards sustainable development. It emerged that despite plenty of willingness, there is still a great deal to do, particularly in order to make the process easier for SMEs, an area in which Malmö is actively focusing on.

Read more on the City of Malmö's sustainable initiatives: