Objectives and main topics

The enormous potential of public procurement is continuously gaining recognition for its importance in supporting the shift towards a resource-efficient, low carbon and socially responsible society. EcoProcura 2012 looked at the arguments surrounding this discussion and examined solutions that work in economically challenging times.

The conference discussed:

  • Emerging global, national and local procurement frameworks in challenging financial times.

  • How the outcomes of Rio+20 and the latest legislation, policies and guidance will have an impact at the local level.

  • What the proposed Public Procurement Directives mean for practical implementation.

  • The role of public procurement in driving innovation.

  • Using social criteria throughout the supply chain.

  • Bridging the gap between decision-makers, procurers, sustainability and innovation.

Interactive sessions to exchange and share ideas

Interactive elements were used to enhance the exchange of ideas, experiences, concepts and opinions. The conference offered a broad range of sessions including:

  • Conference Plenaries where key speakers presented the latest policies, strategies and news.

  • Break-out sessions, at which the latest good practice, research, guidance and tools designed to improve implementation of SPP and PPI were presented.

  • The Market Lounge provided the opportunity for procurement practioners, legal experts, the private sector and policy makers to showcase their work and allowed small groups to have in-depth discussions.

  • Technical site visits concluded the last day of the conference and allowed participants to explore sites of Malmö city and see sustainable public procurement and public procurement of innovation in action.

  • Social events offered a space to relax and discuss on a more informal basis.