Day 1 - Wednesday 19 September 2012

11:00Registration opens
12:30Exhibition and LANDMARK Multimedia Exhibition Launch
13:30The Opening

A welcome to EcoProcura 2012, the eighth edition of the EcoProcura Conference series.

This session welcomed participants to Malmö, thanked Malmö, the sponsors and endorsers and outlined the aims and objectives of the conference.


  • Ilmar Reepalu, Chairman of the Executive Board and Mayor of Malmö, Sweden

  • Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor, Helsinki, Finland; Chair of Procura+

  • Mark Hidson, Director Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI, Germany

13:50Session 1
The emerging landscape for sustainable procurement

This plenary session examined these issues:

  • Where we are at with SPP and how the global, national and local context is changing;

  • The latest legislation, strategies, policies and guidance to encourage the uptake of SPP; and

  • The importance SPP plays in achieving various objectives such as energy efficiency, a green economy, innovation and more responsible society.

Speakers and panellists:

  • Fanny Demassieux, Head of Responsible Consumption Unit - Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch, UNEP [Presentation]

  • Soledad Blanco, Director, Sustainable Resources Management, Industry & Air, Directorate General for the Environment, European Commission [Presentation]

  • Gerhard Huemer, Director Economic and Fiscal Policy, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Belgium [Presentation]

  • Alfredo Molina, Senior Jurist of European Law, The Hague, Netherlands

15:45Session 2
Market Lounge – Round 1

Contributors from organisations working on a wide range of topics related to sustainable public procurement and public procurement of innovation presented in three 25 minute slots at a round-table of 8 people. Each slot included a 10 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of in-depth discussion.

Market Lounge Round 1 featured good practice examples, projects and initiatives on the following topics: Food, green electricity, construction, waste, ecolabels, monitoring, supplier engagement, preprocurement, legal aspects, and more...

List of all Market Lounge – Round 1 Tables


Welcome Reception and Tutankhamun exhibition at MalmöMässan

Following the Welcome Reception, participants visited sustainable restaurants in central Malmö that serve a selection of local and/or organic food.