Day 3 - Friday 21 September 2012

9:00Session 8
Bridging the gap

Despite a number of policy initiatives, guidance and toolkits the vast majority of public procurement in Europe still does not include enough sustainable and innovative products, services and solutions. Whilst there has been an increase in awareness of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) and Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), moving from awareness to action is proving to be more difficult.

This session examined what the key barriers and solutions are to change the actions and mindset of people who buy goods and services in public authorities.

This session looked at:

  • What the key levers have been in bridging the gap between procures and sustainability.

  • Present good practice on how sustainable procurement has been fully integrated into procurement practices.


  • Pia Kinhult, First Governor of Region Skåne, Sweden [Presentation]

  • Jo Versteven, Sustainable Procurement Expert, POD DO, Belgian Federal Public Planning Service, Belgium [Presentation]

10:00Session 9
Market Lounge – Round 2

Participants of this session attended two different Market Lounge table presentations.

Contributors from organisations working on a wide range of topics related to sustainable public procurement and public procurement of innovation presented in two 25 minute slots at a round-table of 8 people. Each slot included a 10 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of in-depth discussion.

The Market Lounge Round 2 featured a variety of projects and initiatives on the following themes: Procuring innovation, criteria development, fair trade, social criteria, monitoring and evaluation, precommercial procurement, sustainable timber, managing the supply chain, and more...

List of all Market Lounge – Round 2 Tables

11:00 Break
11:30Session 10
Support for the journey ahead

The closing plenary developed an overview of needs based on the input collected throughout the conference and addressed how to move forward with sustainable public procurement. Conference organisers and the host city bid farewell to participants.

Speaker: Siep Eilander, Chief Procurement Officer of the Central Government, Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, The Netherlands [Presentation]


  • Lari Pitkä-Kangas, Deputy Mayor, City of Malmö, Sweden

  • Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor, Helsinki, Finland; Chair of Procura

  • Karl Sigurdsson, Councillor and Chairman of the Environment and Transport Committee, City of Reykjavik, Iceland; Host of EcoProcura 2009

  • Mark Hidson, Director Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI, Germany

13:00End and lunch
14:00Site visits

Through three technical Site visits, participants discovered good practice examples in Malmö.

  • Regeneration of post-war housing

  • Western harbour

  • Sustainable school meals