The Exhibition area functioned as a key meeting and networking spot, bringing together organisations, projects and businesses which offer sustainable procurement services and expertise. Projects such as ECOPOL, CIVITAS, LANDMARK, companies such TCO Development, and organisations such as SEMCO were there to share materials and key information. The Exhibition, and specifically the LANDMARK Multimedia Exhibition (more information below), will be launched at 12:30 on 19 September.

LANDMARK Multimedia Exhibition

During the three days of the conference, the Multimedia Exhibition looked at how social responsibility was achieved within public sector supply chains, with a particular focus on verification of supplier compliance. A DVD with interviews and animations was shown, along with an interactive exhibit that invited visitors to explore issues and solutions surrounding the procurement of various high-risk product groups, such as food and textiles. LANDMARK project aims to enable European local authorities to improve working conditions in global supply chains through responsible public procurement.