Social events

Welcome Reception

Wednesday 19 September, 17:00

The first day of the conference ended with a Welcome Reception at the venue, MalmöMässan. A number of participants visited the Tutankhamun exhibition during the Welcome Reception.

Sustainable restaurants in Malmö

Wednesday 19 September, from 19:00

Following the Welcome Reception, participants visited restaurants in central Malmö that serve a selection of sustainable (local and/or organic) food.

Malmö was certified as Sweden’s first Fairtrade City in 2006 and this has spurred the city’s organic and fair trade offerings. The city of Malmö is known for its high number of restaurants with a sustainable profile. These are some examples:

For larger groups it is recommended to book a table in advance.
Please look here for more restaurant suggestions.



Thursday 20 September, 19:30


The second conference day ended with a formal dinner at Malmö Town Hall. The original building, which is hidden behind the present walls, was erected in 1546. In the 1860’s the Town Hall was transformed and Versailles' Gallery of Mirrors was used as a model for the Knut Banqueting Chamber, where the dinner will take place. This chamber is the Town Hall’s grandest stateroom. Its name comes from the medieval Saint Knut’s guild, who met there.

This dinner was hosted by the City of Malmö and guests were welcomed by the Chairman of the City Council, Kent Andersson and Deputy Mayor Mr Lari Pitkä-Kangas. The three tenors of Malmö Opera performed during the evening.


Site visits

14:00 Friday 21 September

Concluding the last day of the conference, participants will have the chance to discover good practice examples in Malmö:

  • Regeneration of post-war housing: Visit two socially, economically and environmentally sustainable districts, the Ekostaden Augustenborg and Rosengård areas. These existing residential areas underwent a sustainable transformation process involving the use of innovation technologies, and extensive stakeholder participation.This was achieved by undertaking procurement with a sustainability angle and developing creative partnerships. This visit will end at 16:30.

  • Western harbour: Find out more about environmental demands in planning and procurement through the walking tour of the renowned Western harbour development. Witness several phases of sustainable urban development at Scandinavia’s largest concentration of passive and low-energy buildings. This visit will end at 16:00.

  • Sustainable school meals: Discover Malmö’s leadership in the procurement of sustainable food. Visit a school restaurant to hear more about the city’s Sustainable Food Policy and the steps taken to bring organic produce to public institutions, including schools, nurseries and elderly homes. This visit will end at 16:30.

All Site visits are presently full. Participants will have the possibility to sign up or make last minute changes, space allowing, at the Information Desk at the EcoProcura 2012 Conference venue.