Over 220 representatives from local governments, national governments and other public sector bodies spent three inspiring and intensive days discussing how sustainable public purchasing practices can make a substantial contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation.The programme below contains details of each session as well as individual contributions.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Reception at the Asmundarsafn Museum (Organised by Iceman)

  • Hanna Birna Kristjánsdóttir, Mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland


Thursday, 26 March 2009

Professional Conference Facilitation: Peter Woodward, Quest Associates

Welcome & Introduction (P1)

Conference Facilitation: Peter Wooward, Quest Associates

  • Thorbjörg Helga Vigfúsdóttir, Chair of Environment and Transport Council, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir, Minister for the Environment, Iceland [presentation]
  • Mark Hidson, Director Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI- European Secretariat Making the link between climate and procurement - conference objectives.[presentation]

Climate neutral through procurement - How big a role can procurement play? (P2)

  • Farid Yaker, Programme Officer, Sustainable Consumption and Production Branch, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) [presentation]
  • Timo Mäkelä, Director, Directorate G - Sustainable development and integration, DG Environment, European Commission [presentation]
10.45Coffee Break

Driving implementation - The principles of success (P3)

What are the key success factors (political, financial, managerial, technical) for untapping the potential of procurement in addressing climate change?

An interactive debate with a panel responding to the audience.

  • Ric Hettinga, Senior Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Housing & Environment, Netherlands
  • Peter Nohrstedt, Project Director Procurement, Swedish Environmental Management Council
  • Jill Michielssen, DG Environment/Unit G2, European Commission
  • David Cadman, Councillor, City of Vancouver, Canada & President of ICLEI
  • Mark Hidson, Director Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI - European Secretariat
  • Beat von Felten, Project Manager, City of Zürich, Switzerland

Reaching out - International solutions to a global problem (P4)

How is the issue of climate change being addressed within sustainable procurement in different parts of the world?

  • Augustine Koh, International Green Purchasing Network (IGPN) [presentation]
  • Chris O'Brien, Director,  Responsible Purchasing Network (RPN), USA [presentation]

Break-out Session A

Participants choose between a set of:

  • Workshops in a variety of formats addressing specific topics
  • Training sessions, providing advice on implementation from experts
Products & ServicesProcesses & ToolsTraining

A1 - Food

Reducing the carbon footprint of public authorities in this

key sector.

A3 - Assessing CO2 emissions from procurement

Quantifying the carbon footprint of our purchasing actions.

A6-Sustainable procurement - first steps

Introductory training to implementing sustainable

procurement, delivered by the UK Department for Environment, food and Rural Affairs.
A2 - Energy using products

The impact of energy using device on our carbon footprint, and how to tackle the issue .

A4 - Strengthening regional cooperation

Successful approaches to
implementation and exchange at the regional level.


A7 - Life-cycle costing

An introduction to life-cycle costing in  procurement - a key tool in addressing climate change through procurement.

Delivered by the Swedish Environment Management Council.

A5 - Central purchasing bodies and sustainable

The power of CPBs in driving the market, and making innovative products available.

Towards effective interaction between procurers and business (P5)

Public authorities and businesses share their story of how they co-operated to develop more sustainable products and services.

  • Ulf Jaeckel, German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety - interaction with the market to develop common sustainability criteria in the IT sector. [presentation]

Market Lounge

The EcoProcura Market Lounge provides a structured space for meeting experts from a variety of backgrounds.

The plenary room is arranged as a series of 20-30 round tables. At each table one expert is available to offer advice and/or present solutions.
Participants have the chance to visit at least 3 tables.

Experts include:

  • Pioneering public authorities wanting to share their experiences.
  • Legal and procedural experts on sustainable procurement.
  • Key stakeholders responsible for promoting sustainable procurement.
Dinner at  Perlan restaurant (Organised by Iceman)

Friday, 27 March 2009


Making it happen - Methods for embedding climate change in procurement (P6)

  • Eva Persey,replacing Juergen Wutzlhofer, Member of the Vienna City and Province Council, Austria
    ÖkoKauf Wien - 10 years of success in green procurement [presentation]
  • Lari Pitkäkangas, Deputy Mayor Urban Ecology and Consumer Aff airs, City of Malmö, Sweden [presentation]
    Driving carbon action in Malmö
  • Martin Möller, Öko-Institut,  Germany [presentation] & David Hartmann, Federal Environment Agency, Germany
    Training materials and innovative management tools for sustainable procurement [ abstract ]

Break-out sessions B

Participants choose between a set of:

  • Workshops in a variety of formats addressing specific topics
  • Training sessions, providing advice on implementation from experts
Products & ServicesProcesses & ToolsTraining

B1. Sustainable Construction

Examining how procurement can contribute to the uptake of sustainable construction amongst public authorities.

B3. National Action Plans

Examining how national governments in the old EU-15 are promoting sustainable procurement and how transferable these approaches might be.

B6. Greening your contracts

Learn how to examine your existing contracts, to see how they can be made more sustainable.Delivered by the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, UK.

B2. Local Green energy

Examining European approaches to exploiting local renewable energy
resources and assessing
their transferability.

B4. Supplier engagement -
driving innovation

Improving communication and dialogue between public authorities and suppliers. Methods for encouraging innovation and getting the best out of the market.

B7. Environmental
Management Systems
(EMS) in procurement

Learn how these can be used in procurement beyond selection criteria to  reduce the carbon footprint and improve the environmental
performance of your suppliers.Delivered by the EcoInstitut Barcelona.

B5. Promoting SPP in the South

Experiences in SPP
implementation from Latin
America and Africa


Coffee Break

Break-out Sessions C

Participants choose between a set of:
  • Workshops in a variety of formats addressing specific topics
  • Training sessions, providing advice on implementation from experts
Products & services
Processes & toolsTraining

C1. Transport

The role of procurement in a clean transport strategy.


C3. Embedding climate concerns into procurement processes

Making the consideration of CO² emissions syste- matic in procurement.

C6. Social aspects in procurement

How can you incorporate social concerns such as child labour, fair trade and working conditions into tendering?

C2. National approaches in the new EU Member States

How are the new EU Member States addressing sustainable procurement? What are the main challenges and

opportunities in the region?

C4. Greening events

Reducing the carbon impact of meetings and events -  methods and tips.

C7. Effective internal communication – the Helsinki approach

Learn how the city of Helsinki managed communication between different departments to ensure effective implementation of sustainable procurement.

C5. The Procura+ Campaign

Effective implementation, networking and promotion of Sustainable Public Procurement.




Looking ahead: towards climate neutral procurement (P7)

What can we now do collectively and as individuals to drive this agenda forwards, and move towards climate neutral procurement?
An interactive session identifying key actions for the future to push the role of procurement in the climate agenda

  • Kolbrún Halldórsdóttir, Minister for the Environment, Iceland.[presentation]
  • Pekka Sauri, Deputy Mayor of the City of Helsinki, Finland   Fighting Climate Change through procurement at the city level [presentation]
  • David Cadman, ICLEI President, Councillor for the City of Vancouver, Canada  Conclusions from the conference.
  • Mark Hidson, Director of Sustainable Procurement, ICLEI European Secretariat Conference close

Study Tours (Organised by Iceman)

The City of Reykjavik and ICLEI invite conference participants to take part in the study tours to places of interest which reflect practical examples of Icelandic innovation in renewable energy.

Preferred choices should be indicated on the registration form, as places are limited.

  • Hellisheidi Geothermal power plant,
  • Carbon recycling project at Svartsengi Power plant,
  • Landfill gas as vehicle biofuel.
18.00End of conference